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SM Toys

SM Toys, BDSM Toys for lovers we have in our online shop but also in our shop in Maastricht a wide range of toys. Think, for example, Whips, handcuffs and toggles, Dilators, paddles, pinwheels, electrosex, pinwheels, bondage hooks, penis plugs, cock rings, boots, high heels and footwear

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  • Dilator & penisplugs

    Penis plugs and urethral sounds are popular tools for sexual experimentation, arousal and pleasure. Many men use them to enrich their sexual experience and reach new levels of sexual pleasure. These toys can be used for masturbation, sex, role-playing, medical games, and in many other ways – the only limit is your imagination. To know how to use them properly, however, you need to understand what they do and what is the best way to start using them.

  • pinwheel Wartenberg

    Pinwheel wartenberg Popular SM sextoy. With this sex toy you role over the skin of your partner and, of course, on his or her sensitive places. Press the pins gently into the skin and provide a stimulating sensational feeling. Determine for yourself how hard you press once and push your limits

  • electro sex

    Electro sex - elctrosex - electrosex toys - electrosex stimulation 

     These products are in high demand because of the proven medical aid in improving the sexlife for men and women who are facing physical problems. Use of electro sex toys helps women and men fight incontinency, helps women train the muscles in the genital areas and helps men to fight impotency. The use of electro sex items is also a big joy to play with, alone or with your partner(s). Your sexlife will become better and you can enter a new dimension of passion and joy. Do use these article with common sense and do read and be aware of the precautions.

  • nipple claims

    Nipple claims

    Excite your every pleasure point and take your sexual pleasure to the next level with erotic nipple play!  Nipple stimulation is a fun and sexy way for couples to get things blazing in the bedroom as well as increase arousal and help women build to orgasm!  Our nipple toys offer you tantalizing sensual thrills during sex, foreplay, and masturbation so you can have the explosive climax you crave.

  • Whips & paddles

    Choose from our wide selection Whips, paddles for SM, BDSM and sexy role play.

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items